Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Little Things in Life

This post is not about one particular hike, but about several hikes; nineteen to be exact.  This post is about receiving our Thames Valley Trail end-to-end badges for completing our goal of hiking the full length of the trail.  Not only did we complete the full length, but times that by two for an end-and-back accomplishment.  However, there isn’t a badge for that, so we’ll be satisfied with the ones that we did get!

 Shortly after starting our adventure, we officially became members of the TVTA. The annual fee wasn’t much, but it helps to contribute to the maintenance of the trail and administrative costs.  Well worth for what was received in return!  While going through the trail guide, I noticed that the end-to-end badge was awarded to those who had completed the full length of the trail, but only under the supervision of a trail leader.  But not to worry….after a few email communications with officials at the TVTA, we were approved for receiving the badges, based on my blog posts and photos.

We recently received our badges in the mail and it was an exciting moment, tearing into the envelope.  Not entirely sure what we’ll do with them; maybe sew them onto one of our hiking back packs.  It’s not about the badge itself, but what the badge represents of course.  Having something that officially recognizes the achievement of our goal is just one of those little things in life.  Even bigger however, is the sense of accomplishment and the memories and images of each and every hike.

As we turn our efforts towards exploring other trails, in preparation for hiking the Bruce Trail, we may find ourselves on sections of the TV Trail sometime soon.  We will certainly keep hitting the trails near our home for some of our runs, as we always have.  We’ll also continue to be members of the TVTA, with appreciative support.  It’s been a worthwhile adventure, to say the least, and one that we would highly recommend, if not in whole, but certainly in part!

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  1. Your blog is wonderful. I just finished the Thames Valley Trail myself and I downloaded your entire blog onto my ipod. It made for a great complement to the official trail guide - the photos and commentary helped out considerably. Thanks.

  2. So glad that you enjoyed my blog Jeff! I had a lot of fun writing it and it's good to know that it also helped you on your own Thames Valley Trail adventure. Your comment made my day...thanks!